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Our Pub nights are often timed  to commemorate various anniversaries or occasions and we usually produce a small booklet with the history of the event being recalled. We have put these on line to let others share in their recall . Hope you enjoy them.
Here are a few of the more recent ones

Alan Irvine is off back to Oz , an evening held in the Beechwood Pub in February 2008 to give Alan, who rode for Scottish Rangers, Levernside and Shields, a send off before he returned to Australia. 
League Racing Returns ,   in March 2009, a lunch, again held in the Beechwood Pub, just over the road from the Hampden Hawks track, to mark the 40th anniversary of the resumption of league racing in Glasgow.
Scotland finally beat England! was fondly remembered with a night at Sloans Bar,just off Argyll Street in Glasgow on August 19th 2009.