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Commemorating the 60TH Anniversary of the Olympic Trophy
The 60th Anniversary Olympic Trophy was staged on Sunday 17th August 2008 in glorious sunshine and only the heavy first bend gave any indication that the track had been under water for a few days in the preceding week. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Chic Mackie, it was both rideable and raceable.
The trophy was hotly contested with Alan Smith running out the winner with a maximum score of twenty points from his five rides, hotly pursued by Craig Newsome with 19 and Jake Slight on 18. Mikey Hewitson's challenge ended with a last bend fall following an attempt to get past leader Alan Smith. Initially the referee excluded Smith but,in a sporting gesture that will be remembered for some time Hewitson pointed out that he was at fault and the race was awarded
Jack Monteith, the winner of the very first title, very kindly put up the trophy for the winner, while our association supplied quaichs for the second and third place men. All in all, it was a super afternoon and we would like to extend our appreciation to Chic Mackie for all the work he put in to ensure the event was staged and also to the riders of the Edinburgh Falcons club for coming through to race
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