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Hampden Hawks Cycle Speedway Club History

Photo Album
Life Begins at Forty !!
How the Hawks were "hatched"
Averages and Results
Neil Grant
Riders A - Z
Hawks first league meeting
1969 KO Cup Win
We 're in the news!
Better comebacks than Lazarus!
Battle with Shields
NACSA Forays
Gala Events at Hampden
Hall of Shame - these guys "maxed us" !!
Flying Machines?
Where are we now?
Spokesman Cuttings
The Tigers Connections
Short Stories and Recollections
Hampden Visitors
Photo Album
Happiness is ..........
Tracks and their locations
The Chequered Flag

Photos from times gone by!!

In The Beginning....
Our Very FirstTeam Picture - 5/4/69

Hawks win the Les Whaley Cup in 1969
Who can you reconise peering through the murk ? Those with good eyesight will spot the cup!!

Les Whaley Cup action.
Dick Barrie and Brian Gilliland (Kingsway) with Pete Gentles and John Robertson (Kingsway) hidden

Pete, Nicky and Alex ..about two stones past their racing days