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Hampden Hawks Cycle Speedway Club History

Riders A - Z

Life Begins at Forty !!
How the Hawks were "hatched"
Averages and Results
Neil Grant
Riders A - Z
Hawks first league meeting
1969 KO Cup Win
We 're in the news!
Better comebacks than Lazarus!
Battle with Shields
NACSA Forays
Gala Events at Hampden
Hall of Shame - these guys "maxed us" !!
Flying Machines?
Where are we now?
Spokesman Cuttings
The Tigers Connections
Short Stories and Recollections
Hampden Visitors
Photo Album
Happiness is ..........
Tracks and their locations
The Chequered Flag

Dale Aitken

Gordon’s younger brother, whose laid back attitude and zany approach made it hard to say how committed he was. He certainly had a knack of being in the right place at the right time, witness his double figure debut in the “battle” with Shields and his maximum against Mill.


Gordon Aitken

One of the original Hawks, but despite never being a regular, was always prepared to turn out when required, none more so than our KO Cup win in 1969, when he was a last minute call up and his valued 3 paid 4 went a long way to ensuring the cup came to Hampden


Dick Barrie

Hawks top rider from 1969 –1972, during which time he won the Glasgow Individual title twice, one of only a handful of riders o have achieved this. A regular in the Glasgow team and was unlucky not to qualify for the NACSA individual final at Hampden in 1970. Started his career with Craigton and moved on to Eastwood before the sport folded. Thereafter, joined Scottish Rangers in Edinburgh where he was capped for Scotland


Mike Blair

A founder member, and an organiser during the earlier non league era, when he co-produced programs with Alec Norrie. Took part in Hawks first ever heat and is Hawks top bonus pint scorer. Was reserve at the NACSA junior Individual Final at Hampden in 1970 and raced for Glasgow against Bristol that year. Unlucky not to gain a place on the rostrum in the 1097 Glasgow Individual, being pipped by John Speirs in a run-off. Was both club and league secretary and wrote a column for the Spokesman magazine. Was instrumental in getting press coverage from the Rutherglen Reformer


Alan Brown

A Newlands boy who took part in our opening meeting when we were struggling to field a team. This was his only meeting although his younger brother Doug went on to become a stalwart member of the Mill team


Colin Caffrey

Joined the Hawks after Corkerhill folded and was a virtual ever present. Won the Glasgow Individual title in 1970 before leaving the Hawks for Shields at the end of that season – apparently due to the travelling! A member of Shields historic NACSA Senior Team winning squad in 1971 and capped for Scotland that year. Would later rejoin Hampden in the mid 70s revival of the sport. Took up speedway and went on to ride for Paisley Lions and Berwick Bandits, before joining the Glasgow Tigers, being one of a select band to score over 1000 points in their colours.


Gordon Campbell

Rode for us early in the 1969 season and topscored in our heavy defeat at Kingsway


David Earley

Lived in the high flats at Mount Florida, from which you could see both the Hampden and Kingsway tracks. A solid clubman who went on to become a leading light and elder statesman of the late 70s team. Sadly passed away a few years ago – a full tribute appears under The Chequered Flag section




Pete Gentles

One of the original Hawks who lived just around the corner from Kingsway and who usually reserved his best performances for visits there. Member of our KO Cup and Les Whaley cup winning teams in 1969. Took a number of photos, many of which are used on this website. Now lives just around the corner from the track.



Alan Gibson

One of the youngest and smallest riders to wear our colours, nick named “Genius” for his ready replies. Made his debut in 1970 in our KO Cup tie, and went on to make a number of appearances fur us the following ear before his family moved south.




Colin Grant

Younger brother of Neil, he made his debut against us and scored four points! but was soon signed up. Was one of the main movers in reviving the sport in the mid 70s and went on to be a leading light in the late 70s ASC National League winning squad.






Neil Grant

A classmate of Moosh Nicolson, he first saw speedway when the Tigers moved to Hampden in 1969 and quickly got interested in cycle speedway thereafter. Started off as a reserve but quickly worked his way to be a heatleader and team manager by 1971. Won both the Senior and Junior Sashes in 1971. Rode in two NACSA Junior finals at Uxbridge and Rye House and went on to be capped for Scotland. Was the inspiration behind Hampden’s ASC National League success.

David Grier

Gordon Campbell’s cousin, who made one appearance for us at Corkerhill. Never rode at Hampden though he had performed with distinction on the tennis courts on which the tack was built. 




Sandy Hyslop

A junior who rode n a number of occasions in 1969, including our memorable comeback win against Ralston, in which he starred in a second last heat 5-1. Also appeared in the team which featured in the Rutherglen Reformer article in August 1969.




Gerry McColl

Joined the Hawks at the tail end of 1969 and rode sporadically throughout the following season. Had a job at Parkhead on Saturdays, which precluded him turning out at a lot of home fixtures. Probably the only rider of the time to have his bike insured…. And yes it was stolen! A fast gating rider who was our only success in a heavy defeat by Shields in 1970.




Frank McKinnon

A young junior, who had the biggest handlebars in the team, and was getting established just as the sport folded. Entered the NACSA junior competition in 1971 bu was the only rider drawn in the Birmingham round and had to withdraw.




Calum MacAulay

A junior, who made a couple of appearances for us before joining Mill for whom he was a stalwart clubman. Had a dabble at speedway




Moosh Nicolson

A founder member, who scored our first ever point. Was instrumental in starting the sport in Kings Park and was a leading light of the non league era. Starred in our amazing comeback against Ralston, scoring the clinching last heat 5-1, partnered by buddy Mike Blair.Has two NACSA Junior Individual trophies on his mantle piece from the 1970 and 1971 events. Won both the Senior and Junior Sashes in 1971.Heavily involved in running the team in 1971/2 and was the league secretary during this time.





Nicky Nicolson was a founder member and the Hawks first captain. He worked and lived in Edinburgh durinmg the week and travelled back for meetings. Rode for Glasgow in the Manchester 21st Anniversary weekend and against East Anglia in 1970. Possibly helped by only riding in one away meeting, he topped the Hawks averages in 1971although it should be pointed out that he generally only rode in the meetings against Shields and never raced against Mill.

Alex Norrie was a leading light in the non league era, when he also produced our programs. A spell in hospital with a collapsed lung curtailed his on track activity but he took up the team managers role with some relish and would always look after "his boys". Represented the Hawks at Control Board meetings and was one of the few not to be out drunk by Jimmy Cobain! An average of around eight points a meeting from the few meetings in which he rode shows what a useful performer he could have been

Ian Welsh was perhaps the man who started it all. Had it not been for him, it is doubtful that we would have got permission to build our track from McTaggart and Mickel and his letter to NACSA requesting a rulebook alerted Jimmy Cobain to the resurgence of cycle speedway in Kings Park. He made our racejackets and was the league's PRO. went on to found Mill Wheelers 

Alan Williamson was a school pal of Nicky Nicolson and was one of the Newlands boys who took part in some meetings at the Vogue (later known as Kingsway). He rode in our opening meeting and featured in our first 5-0 but was never seen on the track again


Ronnie Young was a founder member and unlike most of the others had no previous cycle speedway experience. However he quickly established himself and by late summer 1969 had struck a rich vein of form which made him afavourite for a rostrum place in the Glasgow Individual championship. Unfotunately he sustained a broken wrist in a track crash and missed the final. He did however ride in the KO Cup final with his wrisrt stil in plaster. He rode for Glasgow at the Manchester 21st Anniversary event and also against Bristol at Hampden. Laterc went on to be Hampden team manager and league chairman in the late 1970s.