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Dick Barrie & Brian Gilliland in the Les Whaley Cup Final 1969


The Association

In 1998 Peter Bell organised a get together to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the staging of the 1948 Olympic Trophy, a handicapped event run over three nights in August 1948. Among those who attended this reunion were Jack “Red” Monteith, Bill Ritchie, Howard Shaw, Jack Cunningham and Ranald Miller, all of whom took part in the original event.

Old photographs, magazines and press cuttings were brought and perused at some length, bringing back many happy memories. Peter undertook to collate this historic material and to scan it into his computer and send copies to all who had attended. From little acorns great oaks grow! The reunion became an annual event leading to the formation of the Glasgow Cycle Speedway History Association and the initial scanning of the old programs has evolved into the full-scale production of “the history”, a continuing work in progress.

Sadly Peter passed away in February 2003 and the association is now chaired by Joe Letts (Craigton) who is assisted in his editorial duties by Brian Gilliland (Mansewood and Kingsway) and Doug “Nicky” Nicolson (Hampden).

Contact Us

The GCSHA has its own dedicated email address and we would love to hear from riders and officials, new or old, far or near, whether you rode for a Glasgow team or rode against us. Our association has members throughout the UK and also in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Let us have your memories before they are lost in the mists of time!

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