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Founded 1968


Founder Members

Bo Brown: BillyCampbell: Colin ,McMillan;

David Norrie; Sandy Robertson; John Robertson



Dark Blue with red trim and white shield with red "K K"

Later white with silver helmet and red plume.



Situated at behind Vogue Bingo hall, Cathcart Road

Black ash surface (first track) red blaes (second)

Concrete starting gate and bends (second track)

Approx 75 yards long. (first track) 90 yards (second track)



1969 League Winners;

1972 Spring League winners

1972 League Winners

1972 KO Cup Winners



Major Events Staged

1970& 72 Glasgow Individual Finals



Leading Riders (1969-1972)

Brian Gilliland, 'Chic' Mackie, David 'Nudge' Norrie, Billy Campbell,

Sandy Robertson, John Speirs, Jack Pinkerton, John Murphy.



How the Knights were named/ the very first sponsored team?

Back in the autumn of 1968, Hampden had received permission from McTaggart and Mickel to build a track on the disused Kingswood tennis courts. This had acted as a spur to the Knights to look for a track for themselves. They too chose a disused tennis court. This time in Kilchattan Drive. Sandy Robertson has a fine team photo showing Lennie McMillan, David Norrie, Billy Campbell, Bo Brown, John Robertson and himself proudly wearing their new colours, a white shield emblazoned with “K K” on a blue background. Presumably they would have been the Kilchattan Knights or may be the Kings Park Knights. However we were never to find out as the Kilchattan site proved too small for a regular length track and under the direction Chic Mackie, their new team manager, they built a track behind the Vogue bingo hall in Cathcart. They now had a team, a track and racejackets with a “K K” logo. But what would their team be called? They were literally the wrong side of the tracks to be “Kings Park”.  How about  “Kathcart” ….well may be not !!

The problem was solved when some of the boys went for chips at the local chippie called “The Kingsway”  …..they would be the Kingsway Knights!!

It would be about ten years later before teams would incorporate sponsors details into their club name so Kingsway were definitely first! It is a pity that they never discussed this marketing opportunity with the chip shop owner as free chips after a Kingsway meeting would have been very welcome!!







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